The concept of Homo techne refers to humans defined by technology and their ability to create and use tools, machines, and other technologies. With the rise of smart tools and AI, the Fifth Industrial Revolution is characterized by diverse teams using smart tools to solve new problems. However, there is a big disparity between teams directed by smart tools and those creating and using them. The nonroutine cognitive work of problem-finding, problem-solving, and integrative skills are skills that only humans can do, resulting in a barbell economy. To address this, the KEEN Network provides a framework for an entrepreneurial mindset that builds skills for opportunity spotting, solution designing, and impact delivering. KEEN members share a commitment to developing an entrepreneurial mindset based on three dispositions: curiosity, connections, and creating value. This mindset builds diverse teams that are able to work collaboratively to solve new problems with smart tools. This new educational challenge expands the traditional learning experience from individual work to public work that delivers value to the community. Every secondary and postsecondary learner deserves the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through diverse team-based problem-solving that delivers public impact.

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