Twitter’s proprietary source code and internal tools were leaked online via GitHub before being taken down following a DMCA request from the social media platform. Twitter asked GitHub for the names and IP addresses of anyone who had downloaded the code. Proprietary source code is highly sensitive information, and once exposed, it can pose a security risk to the company’s software and give competitors an advantage. Twitter has submitted a court filing requesting that GitHub reveal users’ identifying information. Twitter suspects that a former employee who left the company last year is responsible for the leak. Twitter has been subject to several outages and interruptions in recent months after CEO Elon Musk’s acquisition and his focus on cost-cutting and new revenue opportunities, including Twitter Blue subscriptions. Twitter plans to open-source its code used to recommend tweets on March 31, but the recent leak posted on GitHub revealed far more of the company’s proprietary code than what will be open-sourced.

Twitter Attempts to Identify Source of Leaked Code on GitHub

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