South African educational franchises offering after-school or supplementary tutoring services have some of the lowest initial fees in the local franchise market but often charge ongoing royalties more than double those charged in other sectors. Most require little or no prior teaching experience, and businesses can buy into a brand, secure intellectual property and materials rights, and establish a tutoring business within a specified region. The cost of each tutoring franchise depends on the brand and service offered, but many are among the cheaper franchises available in South Africa. Franchise brands include A+ Students, Abacus Maths, The Math Machine, Kumon and Master Maths. A+ Students offers initial and ongoing training, which is paid for with franchise fees and ongoing royalties. The upfront cost of a franchise is R195,000, with franchisees required to pay management fees totalling 25%. Abacus Maths charges an initial fee of R15,000 followed by an establishment cost of R60,000. Franchisees must pay ongoing fees totalling 16% of turnover. Kumon’s franchise fees for individual maths and English programmes start at R60,000 and go up to R100,000, and include appropriate business training.

Calculating the Expense of Purchasing an Education Franchise such as Master Maths, The Math Machine, or Kumon | Business

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