Microsoft is reportedly cracking down on search engines that use its Bing search index to power their artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. According to unnamed sources, the company told two Bing-powered search engines that it will restrict their access to search data if they continue to use it in their AI tools. While Microsoft licenses Bing’s search data to search engines including DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and the AI search engine, it has apparently drawn the line with AI chatbots. The firm believes using the data in this way is a violation of its contract and may lead to contract termination for engines that misuse the information. It isn’t clear whether Microsoft has taken any action against those search engines that are out of compliance. As more firms, including Google, introduce their takes on OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, it’s suggested that Microsoft is seeking to retain exclusivity over its search data in the online conversation space. The chatbot is currently supported by OpenAI’s GPT-4 and can answer questions, create summaries, generate code and write social media posts.

Reportedly, Microsoft instructs AI chatbot competitors to refrain from utilizing Bing’s search information.

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