Malaysia is set to reopen embassies in several countries that were previously closed due to conflicts and political tensions, according to Datuk Seri Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The move was confirmed following Saudi Arabia’s decision to reopen embassies in Iran and Syria. A special team led by the Ministry’s Secretary-General, Datuk Seri Amran Mohamed Zin, has been established to identify several countries, including Iraq, Libya and Syria, for the reopening of embassies. Malaysia closed its diplomatic mission in Iraq in 2003 following a civil war, while its embassy in Libya was suspended in 2014 due to an internal conflict. As of now, Malaysia has diplomatic offices in 85 countries, including Permanent Representatives to the United Nations and ASEAN, and trade missions in Taiwan. Zambry asserted that there were several countries that Malaysia would not establish diplomatic missions in due to issues involving principle and staff safety, such as Israel. However, he suggested that Malaysia would not have any problems opening embassies in many African and Latin American countries, taking into account factors such as human resources and resources allocated for this purpose. The opening of embassies is not an easy process, and the special team will need to assess domestic issues before making any decisions this year.

Malaysia akan membuka semula kedutaan di beberapa negara.

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