The South Korean government has made progress in preventing violence in schools with more counselling centres and legal framework, but recent events, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, have caused an increase in cases. Children have lost key opportunities to practice communication and relationships, leading to increased fear of going to school and societal reclusiveness. The number of children becoming reclusive has particularly increased. Despite the progress, school bullying is evolving into new forms, particularly through the internet like anonymous chat applications and deepfake technology. The situation calls for better countermeasures particularly in how cases of violence are managed. A legal revision in 2021 obligates the separation of victims from perpetrators, and conflict mediation has also been established in the process. Universities are also looking into ways to factor in a student’s history of bullying when considering them for admission. President of Korea University, Kim Dong-won, confirmed this week that they are reviewing their policy to consider cases of serious bullying during the admissions procedure. Unlike individuals, the causes of school violence are complex products of families, society, and schools. Therefore, more comprehensive measures should be taken to address the issue.

Korea Fights Against School Violence As The Weekender Unfolds

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