As Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) sought interim bail in three terrorism cases, he called for supporters’ presence at the party’s Minar-i-Pakistan rally and urged them not to back down “under any circumstance”. Speaking to the media Imran claimed there would be a public “reaction to whatever method” the government would use. Comparing the “atrocities done to PTI” to those committed in Indian-administered Kashmir and Palestine, Imran pledged that sacrifices would need to be made for “real freedom”. A Lahore Anti-Terrorism Court granted Imran interim bail until 4 April in relation to the clashes between the police and PTI supporters outside the PTI chief’s Zaman Park home. It is said that 1,600 PTI workers have been arrested to prevent them from filling the planned rally. Road blocks were set up, which affected citizens trying to reach their Chartered Accountancy exams. Imran hoped the Minar-i-Pakistan rally would “break all records”, and called on party supporters to attend as a “fundamental right”.

Imran stands firm, vows not to back down ‘no matter what’ before Minar-i-Pakistan rally.

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