Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has been granted protective bail extension in five cases, including two for “vandalism” at the Islamabad Judicial Complex and high court until March 27. Imran was granted protective bail in nine cases on March 17, when the former premier secured protective bail. The hearing began soon after Imran reached the Lahore courtroom. “Objections have been raised on Imran Khan’s petitions that they have been filed again,” said the PTI Chairman as he stood by his lawyer’s side in court. Imran said: “It took me a long time to get from Islamabad Toll Plaza to the court. So many police and FC personnel were deployed that it seemed like a criminal was coming.” Safdar continued arguing that Imran’s life was threatened: “Imran Khan is a former Prime Minister and has security threats,” the lawyer said, lamenting that he “has no security”.
Imran also stated that he had to appear before a court in Islamabad on March 27 for a number of cases. Imran’s counsel said that there were over 100 cases against his client, at which point Imran interjected, saying: “Not 100, but 140.” The government’s lawyer interjected here, saying: “The petitioner had obtained protective bails before but did not appear before the court”. The hearing was adjourned till 5pm.

Imran’s Protective Bail in five Cases Extended by LHC Until March 27th

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