Imran Khan, the ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan, has requested that the country’s chief justice allows him to attend court proceedings via video link due to fears he may be killed if he appears in person. In a letter to Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial, Khan – who has been booked for close to 100 cases over the past 11 months – urged the justice to club these cases together. Khan claimed that a trap was laid out for him at the Federal Judicial Complex in Islamabad last Saturday when he attended a hearing in the Toshakhana gifts case. He said that 20 “unknown people,” believed to be intelligence agencies, were at the complex waiting to kill him. Khan has been facing attempts to arrest him and confrontations with law-enforcement agencies, leading to injuries among PTI workers and police. More than 300 PTI workers have been arrested and charged with terrorism allegations in connection with these incidents. Khan has also been accused of charges dropping a count of terrorism, blasphemy, murder, attempted murder and treason.

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