The Government of Pakistan will increase fuel prices for the affluent to subsidise fuel for low-income citizens, according to the country’s Minister for State for Petroleum, Dr Musadik Malik. Under the scheme, costs could differ by up to PKR100 ($0.89) a litre. In January, fuel costs for the poor will come down by PKR50 per litre. Beneficiaries include small-vehicle and motorcycle users. Pakistan’s economy has encountered a range of difficulties in recent months including high inflation, perceived default risk and a downgrade by international rating agencies. Earlier in 2017, it was announced that Pakistan was to abandon its petrol-based transportation system in favour of electric vehicles. A joint venture from Pakistani and Chinese companies will see a new brand of electric vehicle quick-charging stations installed across Pakistan. The station infrastructure will be supported by 100,000 electric cars, 20,000 buses and trucks and 100,000 motorcycles and rickshaws on the roads within the next five years.

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