LG Electronics has unveiled its plans for ThinQ, a platform brand that caters to the needs of users looking to create a smart home. The aim, it claims, is to make life easier for consumers. The focus will be on three aspects: connectivity, advancement and openness. The blueprint was presented by Jung Ki-hyun, VP of LG’s platform business centre, at the Connectivity Standards Alliance member meeting in Seoul. By connecting ThinQ to the Internet of Things, users will gain greater connectivity for LG home appliances, with the system also expected to be compatible with home devices already enabled through the Matter communications standard for smart home technologies. LG intends to enrich the platform by adding AI-based chatbot services and voice recognition technology, while promoting its open innovation strategy by supporting virtual assistant software platforms like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. A total of 134 companies worldwide, including Apple, Amazon and Google, attended the Seoul event.

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