Kakao Brain, a subsidiary of South Korean internet giant Kakao, has suspended its generative, AI-based chatbot service following technical glitches. Within a day of its open beta release, the Ddmm beta release was discontinued due to overwhelming demand. Although organisers said that the chatbot service was being inspected, a release date has not been confirmed for the resumption of the trial. Ddmm uses Kakao’s own artificial intelligence models to provide search, summary and translation services, as well as to deliver drawings upon request by users. Among those who signed up, some users highlighted inaccuracies in responses, claiming that Ddmm sometimes generated incorrect or non-existent information and was slow to reply. The AI model is similar to one from OpenAI which became viral in Korea. Kakao dominates instant messaging in Korea through its smartphone app, KakaoTalk, which has more than 40m users in the country.

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