The rise of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) could bring change much greater than any previous technological change and is predicted by some experts to free people from menial tasks and usher in an era of creativity. However, the same technological advance could threaten jobs and raise insurmountable social issues. AI-transformed drudgery could also reduce costs, and some of the potential benefits of AGI include tackling climate change and improving economic equality as well as creativity. An arms race of sorts in Silicon Valley between tech giants has been ignited following the release of OpenAI last year, backed by Microsoft, which allows a user to generate text, poems and computing code on command. This week, OpenAI released an even more powerful version of the tech, called GPT-4, which the company said “exhibits human-level performance” on some benchmarks. AI-infused digital assistants can already summarise meetings, draft emails, create websites, craft ad campaigns and more. However, the existential threat posed by AGI includes the question of creative authenticity being lost and education being rendered obsolete. The rise of powerful AI technologies also puts a question mark over trust as these operate unilaterally and without cultural context.

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