The recent financial crisis at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has put the relationship between the tech industry and Washington under the spotlight, with both sides needing to find a way to work together. While SVB and its investors may have initially tried to ask for bailout money from the government, it was seen by many in the industry as a counterproductive move. However, the government ultimately provided a rescue plan that was welcomed by most of Silicon Valley. The relationship between the two camps may never be perfect but there is a lot at stake, as Washington needs tech talent to stay in the US and the tech industry is becoming increasingly dependent on government policy. This relationship could also see the end of traditionally libertarian ideologies in the industry as it becomes more regulated and corporate. For instance, Andreessen Horowitz’s (A16Z) Katherine Boyle has already published an investing thesis titled “Building American Dynamism”, which calls for “building companies that support the national interest,” including in national security.

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