Supporters of Pakistani politician Imran Khan clashed with police in Lahore for over 11 hours as they attempted to prevent the arrest of the ousted former prime minister. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers were protesting a non-bailable warrant issued against Khan regarding a gift depository case. Khan, who claims the warrant is a prelude to abduction and possible murder, signed a surety bond but was ignored by the police, who attacked the PTI workers. The police used tear gas, water cannons and, latterly, live firing, while the PTI forces employed burnt tyres and set vehicles ablaze in the Zaman Park area. In other parts of the country, PTI supporters protested and disrupted traffic. Khan was arrested in 2014 for his involvement in violent protests in the capital Islamabad. Since the removal of Khan’s government in April 2016, he has held protests calling for early elections. The main opposition figure, Nawaz Sharif, was deposed as the prime minister last year and awaits trial.

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