Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing court-ordered arrest in Lahore over allegations of selling state gifts given by foreign leaders while he was in office. Pakistan’s election commission found him guilty and a criminal inquiry is under way. Khan has denied the accusations, saying he sold the items legally. Police claim a court in Islamabad ordered Khan’s arrest for failing to appear before the court despite repeated summons, though Khan and his aides have cited security concerns for his non-appearance, following an attack on his protest gathering last year. Khan’s party has vowed to ramp up protests if he is arrested, adding to the struggle of a government that is already hindered by economic crisis that has left the country on the brink of default. If he is convicted, Khan faces a potential bar on public office, which would be a blow to the cricketer-turned-politician given that Pakistan has a general election scheduled for November. According to Khan, 76 cases have been lodged against him since he was ousted by a parliamentary vote in April 2022, less than four years into his five-year term.

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