Scientists at the University of Utah Health have uncovered how cells adapt to constant changes in environmental demands by focusing on intermediate products of chemical reactions that produce energy and build essential components to keep cells running smoothly. Researchers found that these products are not passive building blocks and sources of fuel for cells, but instead make up an expansive web of sentries that prompt cells to adapt when necessary. The network these metabolites form regulates cells from within, acting as an interface between environmental cues and cell metabolism, called the protein-metabolite interactome. The technology used to discover this network has become the basis for biotechnology firm Atavistik Bio, which aims to accelerate drug discovery for combatting metabolic diseases and cancer. Metabolic processes that become derailed can lead to illness and disease. Shedding light on additional interactions in the network will lead to a better understanding of the root causes of diseases and the development of new therapeutic approaches to get things back on track.

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