St. Charles Elementary School’s ‘Anti-Bullying Crew’ spreads positivity on Pink Shirt day – Montreal |

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At St. Charles elementary school in Pierrefonds, eleven Grade 6 students are part of the “Anti-Bullying Crew”, wearing pink from head to toe and teaching younger students how to deal with cases of bullying on Pink Shirt Day. The ABC initiative, started 3 years ago by special education technician Alicia Marolly, promotes empathy and understanding, as well as the W.I.T.S. approach: Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek help. Cyberbullying is not prevalent in elementary schools, but cases have been reported and are taken seriously. The students are spreading an important message of positivity and support. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about the ABC initiative and how you can help spread the anti-bullying message.

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