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Thread: Pakistan Air Force to make Aviation city in Kamra

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    Pakistan Air Force to make Aviation city in Kamra

    KARACHI: Air Chief Marshall Sohail Amman said that Pakistan Air Force PAF has capability to combat internal and external challenges faced by Pakistan and PAF has played a key role in operation Zarb-e-Azb.

    As per details, Air Chief was addressing the Aeronautical Society seminar here at Air War College in Karachi. Speaking at this occasion, he announced to make Aviation city in Kamra Airbase and the project will be completed in 10 years.

    Air Chief further added that PAF showed its full strength in operation Zarb-e-Azb and played an important role for the eradication of terrorism from the country.

    He made it clear that PAF is fully aware of the internal and external challenges and the responsibilities of PAF in these circumstances.

    Royal Aeronautical Society President Air Marshall ® Saleem Arshad said that the aim of the seminar is not only to orientate people about Aviation Division but also to prepare youth and parents to combat the challenges of current era.

    PAF is considered as one of the best Air Force of the world in terms of its Fleet maintenance and serviceability track record. It has also excellent flight safety record as compared to other Air Forces of the world.

    PAF Pilots are also amongst the best in the world in terms of their professional abilities and have proved their mettle against IAF in 1965 and 1971 wars. PAF pilots are also honoured to have participated in Arab Israel wars and have shot down Israeli Air Force Fighter jets in air combats.

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    Re: Pakistan Air Force to make Aviation city in Kamra

    Why do army and PAF officers feel they have to flex their muscles all the time?

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