ISLAMABAD: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has reduced its fares on domestic and major international flights, including Umra fares, with immediate effect to stabilise unrealistic hike in fares and to facilitate its valued customers.

Fares on Karachi-Islamabad-Karachi and Karachi-Lahore-Karachi would now be starting from Rs. 7,500 while return tickets for Umra would start from Rs. 54,500 for passengers from Lahore/Islamabad and Rs. 44,500 for passengers from Karachi.

However, the fares of the flights displayed on the PIA website remained unchanged.

Strike ends
The reduction in fares comes a day after the Joint action Committee (JAC) of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) employees announced the end of its strike against the proposed privatisation of the national flag carrier and asked employees to resume flight operations across the country with immediate effect.

Private carriers had allegedly hiked their fares during the duration of the strike by the national carrier.

Privatisation of PIA
The National Assembly on January 21 witnessed the passage of six bills, including one to convert the national flag carrier into a public limited company.

Under the bill, Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIAC) is to be converted into a public limited company as Pakistan International Airlines Company Limited (PIACL).

The government plans to split the ailing national flag carrier PIA into two companies and sell the control of its core business to a global airline, but the opposition to the sell-off has been intense.