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Thread: The not so Air worthy Brahmos.

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    The not so Air worthy Brahmos.

    India conducts first test of Air launched Brahmos. What Pakistan has on offer.

    India's Brahmos cruise missile was originally conceived for Indian navy as anti ship and coastal attack weapon as very high speed makes it difficult for the missile to go round instructions.
    Indian Navy remains the prime user of the Mach 2.8 missile.
    Indian Army has inducted a few special versions of Brahmos which will rise to 5-10 kilometre altitude, avoiding obstructions and the need to maneuver too much,and will dive on target at later stages. But as of now Indian Army only have 100 Brahmos, stationed in Rajisthan aimed at Pakistan.
    The Indian Air force faced massive problems when they wanted to have Brahmos. At 3000 Kilos and 9 meter long the missile was too heavy and big for any IAF tighter.
    42 SU-30 of Indian Air force were selected for expensive heavy modifications to be able to carry Brahmos.
    The modifications included welding additional frames under the plane's body to make it strong enough for carrying Brahmos.
    First modified SU-30 was handed over to IAF in Feb,2015.It takes 5-6 months to modify one SU-30 and so far work has been completed on only two. At current pace it may take 10 Years to modify the remaining 40. No other jet in the Indian air force can carry Brahmos.
    The two jets are now being used to start a series of tests to finally being able to fire Brahmos from SU-30. If all goes well,it may take at least an year before Indian Air force can start buying the planned 216 Brahmos missiles.
    But these numbers depends upon how many SU-30 are Brahmos ready,which right now are just 2.
    Air launches version is 500 kg lighter than land and sea versions, but carries same 200 kg warhead.
    Indian Army or air force have no other cruise missile.
    Since Brahmos is being manufactured in India with collaboration of Russian companies , and Russia is a signatory of international missile control treaties. the missile cannot carry nuclear weapons and it's range cannot be above 300km.

    On the other hand Pakistan army and air force both have cruise missiles for more than a decade now. Army has Babur and air force has Raad and CM-400 AKG.

    Raad can be nuclear armed and all PAF mirages can carry one subdonic Raad.
    Trials have started on integrating Raad on JF-17 and each IFR fitted JF-17 will carry 2 Raads.
    Similar to Brahmos being supersonic ,PAF has supersonic CM-400AKG which can be fired from existing fleet of JF-17 without modification.
    Each JF-17 can easily carry and fire two CM-400AKG. The missile climbs to an altitude of 50 kilometre after being fired then cruises towards target at Mach 3 and diving on target reaching speeds faster than Brahmos ,reaching Mach 4-5.

    In the field of Cruise missile currently Pakistan army and air force trump India, despite their much trumpeted and overly expensive Brahmos.
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    Re: The not so Air worthy Brahmos.

    Pleased to see our shores are well protected. Thanks for the analysus

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