A Pantsyr with the new radar was seen at the Humaymim airbase for the first time in footage broadcast by RT on 3 February. Source: RT

Russia has deployed the new version of the Pantsyr air defence system to its Humaymim airbase in Syria, footage broadcast by the RT news channel on 3 February has confirmed.

Russia has had at least one Pantsyr-S1 at Humaymim since 3 October 2015, when its Ministry of Defence released a photograph showing one in the background.

The RT footage showed a second system with the new bidirectional radar now deployed at the base. This also appears to be the first time the new Pantsyr version has been seen in Russian service.

RT identified the system as a Pantsyr-S2: a new version the Russian military said it would take into service in 2015.

The version with the bidirectional radar has already been delivered to both Algeria and Iraq and was labelled as a Pantsyr-S1 when it was displayed at the MAKS show held in Russia in August 2015.

One of its selling points is that a pair can be set up with their radars orientated in opposing directions so that they can together provide 360 o target scanning coverage. However, the radar on the system seen in the footage was rotating, suggesting it is not working with a second system with the same radar.

The Pantsyr systems at Humaymim support the long-range S-400 Triumph system that Russia has deployed, there by providing close-in defence against cruise missiles and other forms of precision-guided munitions.

As yet, there has been no confirmation that the S-400 has been deployed with the new 40N6 long-range missile.