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Thread: Sindh health minister blames media for 'crisis in Thar'

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    Sindh health minister blames media for 'crisis in Thar'

    MITHI: Sindh Health Minister Mehtab Dahar said “the situation in Thar wasn’t as worse as portrayed by the media”, while two more children died in the drought-hit Thar on Sunday, raising the death toll to 178 since the start of this year.

    The provincial health minister said that during his visit Civil Hospital in Mithi. Dahar expressed satisfaction over the performance of doctors and paramedics at the only government-run hospital in the district.

    He claimed “all-out efforts were made by Sindh government to ensure the best healthcare facilities in all towns and villages”.

    We are unable to provide the basic health facilities in all the remote villages, but we have already provided these facilities in towns and big villages, the minister said, adding that “media is trying to create enmity between people of Thar and their elected PPP government and all such nefarious designs will be foiled”.

    He claimed that Sindh government has carried out "unprecedented" efforts to provide heath facilities in the neglected areas like Thar.

    Before the arrival of Dahar in Mithi with heavy protocol, some children admitted at the hospital were reportedly discharged from the nursery ward of Civil Hospital by the hospital administration to apparently show him the "normal" situation in the area.

    Dahar went to make political statements, saying “those criticising Sindh government wanted to bring person like former chief minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim into power”, who according to him, only victimised his opponents and had done nothing for the people when he was in power.

    The provincial minister then went on to offer training to the media men saying “media should help the government to create awareness among the illiterate people of Thar regarding population planning and early marriages”.

    “The local media is totally playing in the hands of anti-Sindh elements," remarked the minister instead of commenting on the crisis at hand.

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    Re: Sindh health minister blames media for 'crisis in Thar'

    Thar is a place of Sheep [MENTION=9549]Latif[/MENTION] bha, kal bhi Bhutto Zinda tha, bacha aaj bhi bhutta zinda hai !

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    Re: Sindh health minister blames media for 'crisis in Thar'

    Disgrace to blame others.

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    Re: Sindh health minister blames media for 'crisis in Thar'

    Delay in Sindh’s drought mitigation policy

    THARPARKAR, one of the country’s largest arid regions, continues to suffer harsh weather conditions for the last four years.The rain fed area did get scanty rainfall last year but not sufficient enough for cultivation of crops like beans and millet. Child mortality has emerged as a serious issue.

    Remedial measures taken by the provincial government were: provision of clean drinking water through reverse osmosis (RO) plants and distribution of free wheat to drought-stricken community and upgradation of health facilities.

    And its agenda included the establishment of Thar Development Authority (TDA) and Sindh Drought Mitigation Policy 2014.

    A 26-member steering committee of the Sindh provincial assembly has drafted the proposed legislation. Both the documents are pending for the government’s approval or vetting by the elected house.
    Mithi’s plant, billed as Asia’s largest, has failed to meet required drinking water supplies as envisaged. The problem is yet to be fixed

    The Sindh Local Bodies Department had modelled the TDA on conventional wisdom not so specific to the Thar conditions.The bill is to be tabled again.

    “Sindh Drought Mitigation and Management Policy will help the government handle the situation arising out of drought in any part of the province like Kachho, Nara, deserts in Sanghar, Umerkot and Tharparkar districts,” says Dr Sono Khangharani, a social activist and one of steering committee members.

    As Thar district has its own dynamics, the TDA will have its board to take decisions for addressing issues before or during the drought period, he argues. “We have covered all important sectors that impact life of common man and even that of livestock during the dry spell,” he adds.

    The TDA draft lists a number of measures required for sustainable development and environmental management in the wake of looming threat of climate change. Proposed TDA’s functions and intervention include: research; supplementing/complimenting the initiatives of different departments; water sector management; provision of irrigation water; water reservoirs; livestock and wildlife sanctuaries; gauchar (pastures) land and fodder bank and checking soil degradation. All these sectors are directly linked with local population’s source of livelihood.

    Varying mortality figures of newborns continue to pour in from Thar notwithstanding the fact that it is winter. Summer season is still a couple of months away that would ultimately increase drinking water consumption and groundwater remains brackish in desert barring some pockets.

    The Sindh government, time and again, has pledged to develop infrastructure and health facilities. Some promises are fulfilled like: upgradation of Mithi district headquarter hospital and distribution of free wheat. Primary healthcare facilities, by and large, remain dysfunctional.

    Around Rs5bn was released to Special Initiatives Department for RO plants. Yet Mithi’s two million gallons per day plant, billed as Asia’s largest, failed to meet required drinking water supplies as envisaged. The problem is yet to be fixed.

    Similarly, Thar has around 6.5-7 million livestock population with acute shortage of fodder. The government had announced to establish chiller plants across Tharparkar to collect milk from the community, but they are yet to be set up. Livestock vaccination drive, whose pace accelerated in 2014 when mortality had increased, has somewhat slowed down.

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    Re: Sindh health minister blames media for 'crisis in Thar'

    They are blaming anyone but themselves.

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    Re: Sindh health minister blames media for 'crisis in Thar'

    Seven more children die in Thar, PPP lawmaker denies 'drought-like situation'

    MITHI: Seven more children have died in drought-hit Thar during the past 24 hours, with the number of children dying in the district because of malnutrition and other causes since October last year rising to at least 150.

    An infant Zulekha died in Hameera Ba village while Karima from village Kheemi ji Dhani lost her life on way to Islamkot hospital. Sakina, a daughter of Badar Junejo died in Adi Jo Tarr.

    Three-year-old Manesh died in Char Nore near Chhachhro taluka of Tharparkar district, infant Ram died in Kantio and a newborn lost his battle with life near Kaloi.

    Read: 143 Thar children died in four months: official

    The death toll of children's death in the district has risen to 188 since Jan 1.

    At least 120 children were brought to six hospitals of the district for treatment.

    Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Sindh Health Minister Jam Mehtab Dahar admitted that the government was unable to control the fatalities of malnourished children but was focusing on an agenda to provide maximum healthcare facilities to pregnant women of the desert to avoid premature births.

    Examine: Media is misreporting Thar deaths: Sindh health minister

    Dahar reiterated that the government was not in a position to ensure health facilities in every village however, it was fully committed to equip existing hospitals and dispensaries.

    He said "instead of creating a hype", media should play a positive role in highlighting the genuine issues faced by the neglected area of Thar, which he said had suffered devastating droughts over the years.

    Dahar said he had directed the concerned officials to ensure that lady health workers perform their duties honestly in order to be able to guide local women.

    The provincial minister observed that availability of safe drinking water was a major issue in Thar, which was being addressed by Sindh government through installation of Reverse Osmosis plants.
    'No drought in Thar, media creating hype'

    PPP lawmaker and the district president of party's Thar chapter Dr Mehesh Malani said that children were dying in other areas as well but "media is only creating a hype in Thar", asserting that there was no drought-like situation in Thar.

    Meanwhile, people who brought their children to Mithi Civil Hospital from various areas of the district complained that despite government claims the dispensaries in their respective areas were still lying closed.

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