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Thread: Externally supported elements responsible for Balochistan unrest: COAS

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    Externally supported elements responsible for Balochistan unrest: COAS

    QUETTA: Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif on Tuesday said the terrorists aggravating the security situation in Balochistan are externally supported.

    Addressing a seminar titled "Prospects of Peace and Prosperity in Balochistan" attended by Chief Minister Balochistan Sanaullah Zehri, former CM Abdul Malik Baloch and members of civil society, Gen Raheel claimed that Balochistan is facing a number of socio-economic, ethnographic, sectarian issues.

    "These issues are further complicated by the foreign interference in the largest province of Pakistan which also has a porous border spanning hundreds of kilometres," he added.

    Establishment of NUST campus

    He was of the view that youth are the future of Balochistan. It is, therefore, important to make the youth of this province partners in peace and prosperity so they do not get lured by vague slogans and elusive dreams.

    He also announced the establishment of a National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) campus in Quetta to provide quality education to students of the province.

    The army chief claimed that recently, almost 18,000 young men from Balochistan were recruited in armed forces and Frontier Corps (FC).

    “Peace through Integrated Approach” has been our primary focus, where federal and provincial governments, state institutions, entire security apparatus and people of Balochistan are working towards creating an environment of harmony, progress and prosperity, said Gen Raheel.

    He said that politics of violence, hatred and terror has tarnished the image of Quetta and the province but we need to continue our endeavours with full resolve and dedication to bring back stability to the province and return the charm of Quetta that it was once admired for.

    "On a personal note, Balochistan is very close to my heart. I was born in Quetta at 10 Litton Road. As a young lieutenant, my first posting was at Khuzdar. I have spent almost nine years in Balochistan and served as Chief of Staff Southern Command," said Raheel Sharif.
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    Re: Externally supported elements responsible for Balochistan unrest: COAS

    I wish they would just present any evidence they had than simply making allegations
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    Re: Externally supported elements responsible for Balochistan unrest: COAS

    I respect the guy but release the evidence of this I say

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