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Thread: Russia military censures Turkey over ‘premeditated provocation’

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    Russia military censures Turkey over ‘premeditated provocation’

    Russian Defense Ministry spokesman says the recent claim by Turkey that a Russian warplane had violated the NATO member state's airspace lacks any factual basis, describing the allegation as a "premeditated provocation."

    "The hysteria launched by the Turkish side, that we define as unsubstantiated propaganda, looks pretty much like a premeditated provocation," Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement on Monday.

    In the statement Konashenkov said Russia's military, instead, had in possession a video which showed "a Turkish artillery battery shelling a Syrian frontier village".

    The statement added Russia's Defense Ministry is waiting for a prompt explanation from NATO, the Pentagon, and the Turkish armed forces, on the shelling incident.

    The Turkish Foreign Ministry had claimed on Saturday that an Su-34 Russian jet had violated Turkish airspace a day earlier and summoned the country's ambassador to “strongly protest and condemn” the alleged incident.

    Moscow and Ankara have been at loggerheads over developments in Syria since a foreign-backed militancy erupted in the Arab country nearly five years ago.

    Turkey seeks the overthrow of the Syrian government while Russia has been supporting Damascus in the fight against terrorism.

    Tensions between the two sharply escalated on November 24, 2015 when Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter jet over Syria, claiming that it had entered Turkish airspace, an accusation strongly rejected by Moscow.

    Of the two pilots aboard the warplane, one was rescued with the help of the Syrian army, but the other was killed by militants.

    Following the incident, Russia suspended all military deals with Turkey and imposed a list of economic sanctions on the country.

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    Re: Russia military censures Turkey over ‘premeditated provocation’

    US confirms Russia’s Turkish airspace violation

    State Department Spokesman John Kirby confirmed late Monday that a Russian warplane violated Turkish and NATO airspace on January 29 and called upon the country to respect Turkey's sovereignty and refrain from further acts that could threaten the stability of the region.

    "We can confirm that a Russian warplane violated the Turkish and NATO airspace on January 29. We have no doubt as to whether the plane entered Turkish airspace," he said.

    "The U.S. shares the same views with NATO about collaboration with Turkey. We call upon Russia to respect Turkish airspace," Kirby added, calling upon both parties to ease tensions through dialogue.

    NATO to boost defense presence in Turkey after Russian violation

    According to statements a NATO official gave to Daily Sabah on Monday, NATO is in the process of increasing the military hardware deployed for the defense of Turkey, especially after the second violation of Turkish airspace by Russian jets in two months. The latest violation by a Russian Su-34 jet, which occurred on Friday and was addressed by Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in a statement on Saturday, has further exacerbated tensions in the Middle East, prompting NATO to improve its defense plan in the region. Further commenting on the matter, the official said: "We welcome Spain's decision to extend its Patriot [missile] deployment to Turkey in 2016 and we expect more announcements shortly."

    The official further indicated the importance of Turkey's security in the region, saying: "All security actions indicate the strong commitment of Turkish allies to the defense of the country."

    In a statement, a NATO official indicated the importance of a tailored security package, saying: "On Dec. 18, NATO's allies decided on a tailored package of assurance measures for Turkey that takes into account the volatile situation in the region. This package includes the presence of additional AWACS [Airborne Warning and Control System], increased air force presence, an increased naval presence and the inclusion of port calls, exercises and maritime patrol aircraft in the Eastern Mediterranean." The NATO Security Plan also involves "reviewing long-standing defense plans for Turkey and [NATO] will continue to augment Turkey's air defenses with defensive anti-missile systems," the NATO official said.

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    Re: Russia military censures Turkey over ‘premeditated provocation’

    I must say that both Russians and Turks deserve better leadership. I say that because I think cooperation is better than ego and posture which I put down more to the two respective leaders who are both into ego and authoritarian rule

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