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Thread: Pakistan urges India to do away with practice of terror allegations

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    Pakistan urges India to do away with practice of terror allegations

    ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah on Thursday urged India to do away with the practice of hurling "unsubstantiated terror allegations against Pakistan."

    "Such a practice undermines efforts to eliminate terrorism from the region in a collaborative manner," the spokesman remarked.

    Speaking at the weekly FO briefing, he said terrorism was not an issue for only India or Pakistan but a global problem that needs to be tackled with joint cooperation.

    He expressed hope that India would share findings of the Samjhota Express attack investigations with Pakistan.

    The spokesman said India and Pakistan are in touch to finalise the dates for foreign secretary level talks.

    Commenting on the joint Indian-French statement on terrorism, issued at the end of the visit by French President Francois Hollande to India, the spokesperson said Pakistan's sacrifices in the war against terrorism have been acknowledged by the world community.

    Khalilullah said next round of the Quadrilateral Coordination Committee would be held in Islamabad on Feb 6 to discuss the road map for reconciliation in Afghanistan.

    Refusing to comment on any media report regarding Pakistan’s mediation policy in the Middle East crisis, Khalilullah said that both Saudi Arabia and Iran have appreciated Pakistan’s role as a mediator to ease tensions between the two countries.
    ‘Pakistan has sought details from India about IAF bomb incident’

    The FO spokesman said Pakistan had sought details from its high commission in New Delhi about dropping of bombs by the Indian Air Force (IAF) in Rajasthan, which is close to Pakistan.

    "We have seen media reports about the incident and sought more details from the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi."

    According to reports in Indian media, loud explosions were heard when IAF jets "accidentally dropped bombs" in Rajasthan's Barmer district on Tuesday.

    There were also reports saying an IAF Sukhoi-30MKI fighter aircraft shot down a balloon-like suspicious object in the same area.

    IAF officials said the object was flying in from the western sector (implying Pakistani side) and was shot down on Tuesday morning.

    “Between 10:30am and 11am today, an unidentified balloon-shaped object was picked up by IAF radar. An IAF fighter was launched which intercepted the object and brought it down. Further investigation is under way,” an IAF spokesperson said at the time.

    No one was hurt nor was any damage caused to the property in the area, the spokesman in Jaipur said.

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    Re: Pakistan urges India to do away with practice of terror allegations

    you cant preach old villge lady to do away with gupshup, that what she is thats what she does
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    Re: Pakistan urges India to do away with practice of terror allegations

    Whenever there is a pagg in India they blame Pakistan. No surprise.
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    Re: Pakistan urges India to do away with practice of terror allegations

    India have probably the best gutter press in the world.

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    Re: Pakistan urges India to do away with practice of terror allegations

    What brazen guys man.

    Takes a special type of naffat.

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    Re: Pakistan urges India to do away with practice of terror allegations

    Govt advised to be cautious while pursuing normalisation with India

    ISLAMABAD: Former defence secretaries want the government to be extra cautious in pursuing a normalisation process with India because they do not see a major shift in Delhi’s policy on its ties with Pakistan.

    Speaking at a seminar organised by the Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) on ‘Impasse in Pak-India ties – Implications for Regional Diplomacy and Strategic Stability’, former defence secretary retired Lt Gen Asif Yasin Malik called for “open and extensive” debate within the country on its relations with India.

    “There has to be a people-driven national vision, not a government-driven [one],” he added. The seminar was held on the third anniversary of the Islamabad-based think tank which specialises in security and strategic affairs.

    Pakistan and India are on the verge of resuming their peace dialogue under the tag of ‘Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue’. The talks were delayed by the Pathankot attack, but high-level contact between the two countries — which began with a meeting between prime ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of the Paris Climate Summit in November last year, has given the impression of new momentum in bilateral ties.

    However, Mr Malik cautioned that no radical shift in ties was expected, although there could be minor improvement caused by expediencies of the international environment.

    For Pakistan, “bending is not an option; either forward or backwards. We bend and we get a kick,” Mr Malik, who retired as defence secretary in 2014, said.

    He recalled Prime Minister Modi’s belligerent posture towards Pakistan during his election campaign, when he talked about making Pakistan irrelevant in a geo-political context at both the regional and national levels. He said India continued to play “cat and mouse” in ties with Pakistan.

    Mr Malik listed a number of measures he expected the government to undertake — both internally and externally — in order to effectively deal with the challenge posed by India: de-linking Pak-Afghan ties from the Pak-India relationship, safeguarding the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) from sabotage, tackling political fissures over CPEC, pursuing water security more seriously, and appointing a full-time foreign minister.

    Retired Lt Gen Naeem Lodhi, another former defence secretary, echoed Mr Malik when he noted that there was no détente in sight.

    In his view, the answer lay in the leadership of both countries ending the “blame game” and approaching the relationship with fresh and open minds.

    “The imbalance of size and political clout highly in favour of India begs third party facilitation to veer these two nuclear powers away from confrontational mode. There seems to be no other option,” he said.

    The director of Quaid-i-Azam University School of Politics and International Relations, Dr Zafar Nawaz Jaspal, suggested that the countries’ leaders “act ratio*nally and thwart the agenda of radicalised transnational terrorist groups for the prosperity of their people”.

    He warned that “limited war between India and Pakistan could escalate to full scale nuclear war”.

    SVI president Dr Zafar Iqbal Cheema said the biggest obstacle to normalisation with India were its designs for hegemony and dominance.

    He believed that India was dragging its feet when it came to meaningful negotiations with Pakistan, in a forlorn hope that Pakistan would not be able to sustain itself in the process.

    Defence production secretary retired Lt Gen Syed Mohammad Owais launched SVI’s flagship publication, the Journal of Security and Strategic Analyses (JSSA), which will be published biannually and will contain research articles on contemporary issues of security and strategic studies.

    Published in Dawn, January 29th, 2016

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    Re: Pakistan urges India to do away with practice of terror allegations

    Dialogue and communications is the only way forward

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