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Thread: Chinese UAV News & Discussions

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    Zhuhai Airshow: China's Wing Loong (or Chinese Predator UAV) costs only one million dollars!

    You can buy four Chinese Wing Loong UAVs for the price of one similarly-sized U.S. Predator UAV!

    The Chinese Wing Loong UAV can carry two BA-7 air-to-surface missiles, YZ-100 precision-guided cluster bombs with sub-munitions, or YZ-212 laser-guided bombs.

    Chinese Wing Loong UAV equipped with BA-7 air-to-surface missile.

    The YZ-100 cluster bomb has sub-munitions with "different guidance systems such as inertial, satellite, laser, infrared, and millimeter wave radar [that] can be adopted for each sub-munition."

    The larger YZ-200 cluster bomb is a true precision-guided munition (PGM) with on-board guidance for the bomb itself and not the sub-munitions. The YZ-212 laser-guided bomb (which is a member of the YZ-200 series PGM) can be seen in the forefront of the weapons placed on the ground. It has the distinctive "[g]lass detector lens [that] prevents pitting encountered with a plastic lens."

    Chinese Wing Loong "pilots in remote aircraft ground control center"

    Low-cost Chinese drone to be unveiled at Zhuhai show | South China Morning Post

    "Low-cost Chinese drone to be unveiled at Zhuhai show
    Sunday, 11 November, 2012, 12:00am
    Choi Chi-yuk in Beijing
    [email protected]

    Mainland enters lucrative global UAV market with prices well below US and Israeli rivals

    China's latest domestically produced unmanned aircraft will make its public debut at the biennial air show in Zhuhai this week, taking centre stage in a global drone market potentially worth hundreds of millions of US dollars.

    The Wing Loong, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made by the China Aviation Industry Corporation, bears a striking resemblance to the United States' larger MQ-9 Reaper, but is similar in size to its MQ-1 Predator.

    The Wing Loong weighs 1.1 tonnes, is nine metres long and has a 14-metre wingspan, according to the Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily.

    It can fly at a maximum altitude of 5,300 metres and has a range of 4,000 kilometres, and can be used for both military and non-military operations.

    Macau-based military affairs commentator Antony Wong Dong said the drone, with a price tag of less than US$1 million each, could find easy success on the international arms market.

    "As the Wing Loong can carry two air-to-surface missiles, aside from featuring other UAV characteristics, such as being smaller and quieter than traditional fighters, dozens of countries, especially those in the third world, will have a keen interest in buying them," Wong said.

    The Wing Loong's price tag makes it far cheaper than those made in the US or Israel - the only two other countries that currently have drone technology - even though they can perform many of the same tasks.

    Scores of journalists flocked to Guangdong over the past couple of days to get an early look at the air show, although the six-day event will not officially open to the public until Tuesday.

    "When so many countries are so keen to buy a dozen or so Wing Loongs and are ready to pay for them, the Wing Loong will become a focal point of the show without a doubt," said Wong.

    Separately, a replica of China's second stealth fighter, which has been dubbed the J-31 and is said to resemble the US F-35, is expected to appear at the show. The event will also feature several long-range rockets capable of striking targets within 400 kilometres.

    "Some countries buy the rockets and deploy them like strategic missiles," Wong said. Thailand, Turkey and some South American nations had already bought similar rockets from China, he said."

    [Note: Thank you to Greyboy2 for the post.]
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    Chinese UAV/UCAV summary

    UAV is an acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
    UCAV is an acronym for Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle.


    BZK-005: about 150kg (this is a BZK-005 non-weapon payload)
    Wing Loong: 200kg (UCAV ordnance)
    CH-4: 240kg (UCAV ordnance)

    Medium-altitude long-endurance UAV: BZK-005

    "The BZk-005 is designed to have a takeoff weight of 2,750 pounds and can fly at an altitude of 26,000 feet for more than 40 hours at the cruising speed of 95 to 110 mph."

    BZK-005 UAV - China

    BZK-005 is a high altitude long range UAV reconnaissance aircraft designed by Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics and Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

    BZK-005 was first revealed to public at Zhuhai International Airshow 2006, video and [models were] demonstrated to the public regarding this UAV.

    BZK-005 has a few stealth features integrated into its design. It is believed that a satellite data link antenna is held in its large upper body dome. Under the body there are optic-electric sensor systems.

    It is expected that BZK-005 has cruising speed of around 170km/hr, service ceiling 8,000m, max take off weight is around 1,200kg, max payload over 150kg.
    The UAV features a stealth optimized fuselage and twin tailfins tilted outwards to reduce RCS. A large SATCOM antenna is thought to be installed inside the nose bulge, which provides live data transmission over thousands of kilometers. A small turret is installed underneath the nose housing the FLIR/CCD cameras. Those can be used for photo reconnaissance if needed. The UAV also features wings of a large wingspan and a fuel efficient [piston] engine, and is constructed using large amount of composite materials. These help to increase its range and cruising altitude, while reduce its RCS.


    Caption source: Inside China

    BZK-005 UAV - China | Air Force World

    More information on BZK-005 (Giant Eagle), BZK-006/WZ-6, BZK-007 (Sunshine), and BZK-009/WZ-9: UAV/UCAV | Chinese Military Aviation


    Medium-altitude long-endurance UCAV: Wing Loong and CH-4

    The Chinese Wing Loong UCAV can carry two BA-7 air-to-surface missiles, YZ-100 precision-guided cluster bombs with sub-munitions, or YZ-212 laser-guided bombs.

    Wing Loong / Pterodactyl MALE Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    Shown at the 2012 Zhuhai Airshow, the Wing Loong or Pterodactyl Multipurpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Design and Research Institute for Medium Altitude & Long Endurance (MALE).

    The design includes a single turbo-prop propeller engine, dual vertical tails, mid-mounted wings with high aspect ratio and retractable tricycle landing gear. Aluminum is used in its design to facilitate easy repair.

    It can be used for reconnaissance, surveillance and surface attack. Payload is modular depending on mission. It can be outfitted in strike mode with the TY-90 air-to-air missile and various precision guided munitions such as HJ-10, LS-6 and YZ-200.

    Length: 9 m
    Width: 14 m
    Height: 2.7 m
    Weight: 1100 kg
    Payload: 200 kg
    Speed: 280 km/hr
    Ceiling: 5000 m
    Endurance: 20 hrs

    Reference: Wing Loong / Pterodactyl MALE Unmanned Aerial Vehicle | Defense Updates


    With four hard-points for weapons, the CH-4 UCAV appears to have two more hard-points for weapons than the Wing Loong UCAV. "The CH-4 model showed at AirShow China 2012 is armed with two AR-1 short range [air-to-ground] and two FT-5 guided-bombs."

    CH-4 MALE Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at Zhuhai Airshow 2012
    Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    Displayed at Zhuhai Airshow 2012 was the CH-4 multi-purpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) for Medium Altitude & Long Endurance (MALE).

    The propeller-driven CH-4 has an endurance of 30 hrs and can reach an altitude of 8000 m. It can be used for reconnaissance, surveillance and surface attack. Four hard points are available to carry various precision guided munitions.

    Chinese Aviation Industry launches CH-4 medium altitude long-endurance UAV at AirShow China
    Friday, November 16, 2012

    Chinese aviation defence industry launches the CH-4 medium altitude long endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the 9th AirShow China in Zhuhai, demonstrates China’s efforts in designing and manufacturing of new generation of UAV. There are two variants of this new UAV, the CH-4A and the CH-4B.

    CH-4A is a medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) tactical UAV system. Missions envisaged include: reconnaissance, precision target location and designation, electronic warfare, communications relay, signal intelligence collection, battle management and digital mapping.

    The mission payload adopts a modularized sensor suite including electro-optical and infrared camera, laser range-finder and laser target illuminator, communication relay and synthetic aperture radar (SAR).

    CH-4B and CH-4A have the similar appearance and construction, but with more options of combat mission payloads. It can carry up to 4 AGMs (AR-1) or 4 precision guided bombs (60 kg level each), providing unparalleled battle effectiveness to time-sensitive targets.

    The CH-4 model showed at AirShow China 2012 is armed with two AR-1 short range [air-to-ground] missile and two FT-5 guided-bombs.


    CH-4 MALE Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at Zhuhai Airshow 2012 | Defense Updates

    Chinese Aviation Industry launches CH-4 medium altitude long-endurance UAV at AirShow China 1611122*-*Army Recognition


    High-altitude long-endurance UAV: Xianglong (Soaring Dragon)

    Xianglong (Soaring Dragon) by Aviation Industry Corp, China. The Soaring Dragon UAV has a joined tandem-wing design.

    Xianglong (Soaring Dragon) – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Specifications
    By Unmanned Editor – July 5, 2011

    The Xianglong is the Chinese version of the Global Hawk UAV; an advanced, high altitude, long endurance drone designed for reconnaissance. The main difference is that the Xianglong has only a fraction of the Global Hawk’s range; its manufacturer says it is intended for operations limited to the Asia/Pacific region.

    Length – 45.9 ft
    Range – 4,660 miles
    Max Speed – 466 mph
    Ceiling – 57,000 ft
    Radar – 300 Miles
    Wingspan – 75 ft
    Take Off weight – 7,500 kg

    Reference: Xianglong (Soaring Dragon) – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Specifications | UAV, UAS Data, Specifications and Fact Sheets |


    Stealth UAV: AVIC stealth UAV prototype technology demonstrator

    China AVIC's prototype "baby"/demonstrator UAV. AVIC is famous as the parent company that built the J-10 Vigorous Dragon. The air inlet is placed on top to shield it from ground radar. The upper fuselage follows the "continuous curvature" stealth design principle, where the radii are continuously changing as you move from the front and towards the rear. The angled vertical stabilizers are a telltale sign of a stealth aircraft.
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    Sources are now stating that the Crossbow long range stealth UCAV is off the assembly line. Cross your fingers.

    12月13日,沈阳所所长赵民,党委书记褚晓文带领所领导班子前往井冈山北山革命烈士陵园瞻仰革命先烈并举 行敬献花 圈仪式。全体同志默哀致敬,赵民宣读祭文,全体同志表示,革命先烈以满腔的热血和宝贵的生命谱写了对党,对 共产主义革命事业的无限忠诚,铸就了“坚定信 念、艰苦奋斗、实事求是、敢创新路、依靠群众、勇于胜利”的井冈山精神。 赵民表示,为巩固国防事业的建设与发展,提高我国航空武器现代化水平,在党的十八大精神的指引和中航工业等 上级机关的领导下,沈阳所全体干部职工以罗阳同 志为榜样,开拓创新,圆满完成了今年党和国家赋予的各项型号研制任务。在今后工作中,我们要继续弘扬井冈山 精神,秉承“航空报国,强军富民”的宗旨,深入 推进“两融、三新、五化、万亿”的发展战略,为推动我国航空武器装备发展,为建设航空工业强国做出更大的贡 献。
    近日,沈阳所党委书记褚晓文带领副所长刘志敏、邓吉宏、陈刚,工会主席张葆晨及科研、机关部分领导走访慰问 了沈阳所驻某厂设计代表室一线设计人员。
    在研制现场,褚晓文与设计员一一握手,并代表所领导班子对大家的努力表示衷心感谢。他表示,今年多项节点任 务圆满完成,是全所在航空武器装备建设过程中的 重大转折。在全面开展向罗阳同志学习,贯彻十八大精神之际,我们要把航空报国与沈阳所精神相结合,促进沈阳 所又好又快发展。
    刘志敏表示,节点要保,但身体更重要,外场人员在全力做好技术支持保障工作同时,一定要爱护好自己的身体, 保证后续工作有序开展。
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    LiJian (SharpSword) UCAV Maiden Flight Today

    [Note: Thank you to Cirr for the post.]


    Alert 5

    "Photo: Hongdu Lijian stealth UAV maiden flight
    Posted in UAV on November 21st, 2013

    The Lijian stealth UAV from Hongdu has made its first flight on Nov. 21 at 13:00 local time. The flight was 20 minutes."
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    Re: LiJian (SharpSword) UCAV Maiden Flight Today

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    Re: LiJian (SharpSword) UCAV Maiden Flight Today

    Another commendable achievement. China seem to be forging ahead with the development of this. Good to see.
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    China tests first stealth combat drone

    BEIJING - China has tested its first stealth combat drone, state media said Friday, citing online photos of an aircraft resembling a shrunken US B2 bomber and hailing the advance toward Western-level technology. The test flight of the “Sharp Sword” unmanned aircraft is another step in China’s years-long military build-up, with its defence spending now the second highest in the world and growing by double-digit percentages each year.
    It comes weeks after Tokyo said a drone had flown near East China Sea islands claimed by both it and Beijing, ratcheting tensions between the rivals up another notch. “The successful flight shows the nation has again narrowed the air-power disparity between itself and Western nations,” the China Daily newspaper said, adding the flight made China the “fourth power... capable of putting a stealth drone into the sky”.
    Images posted online showed a sleek grey delta-wing aircraft apparently powered by a jet engine and resembling an American combat drone.
    Beijing is steadily building its military muscle and unveiled its first stealth fighter, the J-20, in early 2011, though it is not expected to enter service until 2018.
    China’s first aircraft carrier - a refurbished vessel purchased from Ukraine and named the Liaoning - went into service in September 2012, but is not expected to be fully operational for several years.
    The Sharp Sword might be intended for eventual use with the aircraft carrier and for “long endurance” surveillance missions, said Rick Fisher, a senior fellow at the US-based think tank International Assessment and Strategy Center.
    “This demonstrates the enormous investment that China is making toward building a world class level of military power,” he said in an email.
    This type of aircraft “will greatly complicate the defence” of other countries, including Japan and the US, he added. A drone was at the centre of a recent spat between Beijing and Tokyo, whose dispute over islands known as Diaoyu in Chinese and Senkaku in Japanese has raised concerns of conflict. An unidentified unmanned aircraft flew near the islands in September, where China routinely conducts maritime patrols, prompting Japan to scramble fighter jets. The aircraft came from the northwest and returned in that direction, a Japanese defence official said.
    Tokyo later threatened to shoot down any such aircraft, a move that Beijing warned would amount to an “act of war”.
    Chinese state media widely reported the new aircraft in close detail, although they said the test-flight was first revealed by ordinary Internet users on a popular military web forum Chinese authorities quickly censor any news or images exposed online by citizens that they deem sensitive, so it is unlikely they did not approve the reports.
    State broadcaster CCTV, citing eyewitnesses, said on its international channel that the test flight lasted 20 minutes on Thursday afternoon in the southwestern city of Chengdu. The flight “implies that China has made the leap from drones to combat drones”, it said, calling it the move of “major significance”.
    Hong Kong-based military expert Andrei Chang said that by producing a heavy combat drone China had achieved a milestone claimed by few countries, but added that the aircraft’s design appeared “a little bit naive”. Unlike the American version, the engine appeared to be exposed, which would reduce its stealth capabilities, said Chang, editor of the Kanwa Defense Review Monthly, adding that China did not have “enough experience” in the field.
    The aircraft was developed by two subsidiaries of Aviation Industry Corp of China, the country’s top aircraft manufacturer, the China Daily said.

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    Re: STICKY: Chinese UAV News & Discussions

    Congrats to China. Threads merged
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    Re: STICKY: Chinese UAV News & Discussions

    Lijian stealth drone has a combat radius of 1,200 kilometers

    China's first stealth combat drone, the Lijian, has a combat radius of 1,200 kilometers and is able to launch an attack against targets within the First Island Chain — which extends from Alaska, South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan and the Philippines, reports Duowei News, an outlet run by overseas Chinese.

    The region may become a primary target for the Lijian as tensions between China and Japan spiral over disputed islands in the East China Sea, with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force recently deploying its Type 88 anti-ship missiles to the island of Miyako near the contested islands.

    The Lijian is designed to attack ground targets at low altitude and it is a perfect weapon against Japanese anti-ship missile positions at Miyako, the report said.

    The development of stealth combat drones like the Lijian can enhance the force projection capability of the PLA Air Force. It is unable to conduct long-range strategic bombing missions like the B-2 stealth bomber of the US Air Force, however unmanned combat aerial vehicles are more cost-effective.

    As most of China's potential enemies such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam are all within the First Island Chain, the PLA Air Force will be able to deploy the Lijian to conduct tactical bombing missions with a total range of 4,000 kilometers. The stealth design will also help the Lijian evade enemy radar and it will thus play a key role in penetrating the Japanese defense line in a potential

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    Aiming high: China's air ambitions

    While gaps still remain in key areas, China's overall development and production of military aircraft
    is advancing rapidly. Craig Caffrey reports

    Over the last 15 years China's domestic aerospace industry has made rapid progress in developing its

    capabilities to such an extent that it can now increasingly meet the requirements of the People's
    Liberation Army (PLA) in aircraft design and development.

    While there are still some key areas of deficiency, both in terms of military and industrial
    capabilities, it is clear that efforts are being made to address these remaining gaps in order to create a domestic military aerospace sector that is truly self-reliant.

    A number of high-profile events have made it difficult to ignore the development of Chinese
    aerospace capabilities over the last five years. Since 2011 seven new aircraft have made their
    maiden flights, including two fifth-generation combat aircraft designs.

    The PLA's aviation arms have also achieved a rapid pace of inventory modernisation and
    enhancement, due in no small part to the existence of nine known military aircraft production
    programmes in China that produce aircraft for the Chinese armed forces. In 2012 up to 148 aircraft
    are thought to have been produced for the army, navy, and air force.

    see more

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