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Thread: US committed to supply F-16s despite Indian efforts to block delivery

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    US committed to supply F-16s despite Indian efforts to block delivery

    Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said on Tuesday the United States is committed to supply eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan despite Indian efforts to block delivery.

    “The Obama-led administration is committed to supply eight F-16 fighter jets despite efforts by India and former Pakistani ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani to block the delivery,” Asif said while addressing the National Assembly.

    The defence minister’s statement comes days after reports said the US Congress has “stalled” Obama administration’s planned sale of eight new F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan. The move was stalled as lawmakers raised questions about the end use of the combat aircraft and the relationship between the two countries itself.

    “Being aware of the importance of F-16 and JF-17 jets in Operation Zarb e Azb and other anti-terrorist operations, the US is committed to supply Pakistan with eight F-16 fighter jets,” the defence minister added.

    In October, the Obama administration said it is preparing to sell eight new F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, an overture intended to bolster a tenuous partnership despite persistent concerns about Islamabad’s ties to elements of the Taliban and quickly expanding nuclear arsenal.

    Referring to Pakistan’s involvement in Saudi Arabia’s 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism, Asif said, “It is not a military alliance against any country and participation of other members is yet to be determined. The coalition is still evolving.”

    Further, the minister stated that the number of cooperation agreements that Pakistan has with Saudi Arabia, it does not have the same amount with any other country.

    “Pakistan is cooperating with Saudi Arabia in various sectors, including training of armed forces.”

    “The two countries are currently under an agreement which includes defence cooperation, training, production of defence goods and medical training,” he said.

    Currently, 1,125 officers of various ranks are in Saudi Arabia to offer training in multiple fields,” Asif told the NA session. ”It is an alliance against terrorism to highlight the real image of Muslims” he reiterated.

    Addressing the query of members present in the sessions, the minister said Pakistan is working towards mending ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran. “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited Saudi Arabia on Monday to discuss the ongoing problems with Saudi leadership, who gave the premier a positive response.”

    “PM Nawaz is set to visit Iran today where he will discuss the same issues with the respective leaders,” Asif stated.
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    Re: US committed to supply F-16s despite Indian efforts to block delivery

    India attempt to block is failing. Someone needs to get ready with the demand for anal cream demand across the shining border.

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