Pakistan Air Force's Air Commodore Khalid Mahmood has said that airforces around the world are looking to replace their ancient Russian MiG-21s, MiG-23s, American Northrop F-5s and French Mirage-III/V wit forth generation fighter jets and total market is for over 4000 aircraft.

Air Commodore who is the deputy chief project director of the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet programme has said, "There is no plane that gives this much capability at this cost."

Air Commodore Khalid Mahmood informed the media that JF-17 Thunder as already completed 10,000 sorties in Pakistani service. He added that two squadrons of JF-17 are fully active with the air force and third is in process of being equipped with the thunder and it will be activated in the coming months.

According to the India Aeronautical Development Agency, Indian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas has completed 1718 test flights by 28th October 2011.

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