The 15th death anniversary of Queen of Melodies (Malka-e-Tarannum) Noor Jehan was observed on Wednesday.

Noor Jehan was born to a family with music traditions on 21 Sep 1926 in Kasur. She was originally named as Allah Wasai and started her musical career from Calcutta at the age of nine. Her career spun for over seven decades.

She began her career as a film star in Mumbai. After independence in 1947, she moved to Lahore where she maintained the same repute of an excellent singer and actress.

Noor Jehan recorded about 10,000 songs in various languages including Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Sindhi.

She also directed film Chann in 1951 to become first female director of Pakistan. Her last film Ghalib was released in 1961.

Later in 1965 during the Pakistan-India war the patriotic songs of she became a source of strength for the whole nation. The historic songs still remain equally famous among Pakistanis. Noor Jehan died on 23 Dec 2000 in Karachi.

She was held in great esteem by leading Indian signers Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Muhammad Rafi and had been a source of inspiration for them.