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Thread: Rift in PTI deepens ahead of by-poll

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    Rift in PTI deepens ahead of by-poll

    TOBA TEK SINGH: A group of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insafís District Executive Council members on Sunday quit the DEC membership as a protest against issuance of a show-cause notice to Riaz Fatyana and awarding party ticket for PP-89 by-poll against its recommendation.

    The partyís district command issued ticket to Rana Shafiq, ignoring the DECís recommendation to consider Ms Sonia Ali Raza, daughter of the late Makhdoom Ali Raza.

    Eighteen of the 46 DEC members including PTIís former district president Dr Waheed Akbar, ex-district secretary Zahid Iqbal and Kamalia tehsil organiser Ghulam Mustafa Chattha told a press conference that it was unanimously decided at a meeting that Ms Sonia Raza would be the party candidate but Chaudhry Sarwar, ex-district nazim Chaudhry Ashfaq and district organiser retired major Ahmad Nawaz issued ticket to Rana Shafiq who could not win the election.

    Fatyana denies receiving show-cause notice
    The real contest would be between PML-N ticket holder Pir Ali Baba and Ms Sonia (who is contesting as an independent candidate). They said an objection had been raised against Fatyanaís meeting with Hamza Shahbaz though he had told the party DEC members in Kamalia about the meeting with him and had said that he (Fatyana) was offered PML-N ticket which he declined.

    They demanded that PTI chairman Imran Khan intervene and cancel ticket of Rana Shafiq and announce party support for Ms Sonia.

    Meanwhile, Fatyana denied receiving a show-cause notice. He told reporters in Kamalia that he was a CEC member and the PTIís human rights wing central chief, therefore, Punjab or district organisation was not authorised to issue him notice.

    He said he would remain loyal to the PTI and expressed hope that Imran Khan would help solve the crisis.

    In another development, Pir Ali Baba met Ms Saima Ali Raza who announced her support for him.

    Independent candidate Mian Saleem Shahid has also announced withdrawal of his candidature in favour of Pir Ali Baba.

    Published in Dawn, December 21st, 2015

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    Re: Rift in PTI deepens ahead of by-poll

    IK needs to rally his troops. Internal squandering no good to anyone.

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