MULTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said the people of Sindh are demanding rightly that the accountability should be done across the board and action should be taken against the corrupt in Punjab as well.

He said this while addressing a public meeting at Kotli Mor, Makhdoom Aalis, some 20 kilometer away from Lodhran city in connection with the election campaign of Jahangir Khan Tareen for NA-154.

Endorsing the PPP objection to “selective accountability”, he said: “I am agreeing with (only) one point of the PPP that action should be taken against the corrupt elements across the board and corrupt element in Punjab should also be nabbed,” he said, adding, “Is there no corruption in Punjab? Corruption in Metro and Nandipur projects should be investigated.”

He said that he, however; believed that accountability in Punjab would be done only when the PTI came into power.

Claiming that impartial accountability was being done in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr Khan said: “We first of all arrested a PTI minister involved in corruption and we are not afraid of accountability if it is impartial. I would like to invite (authorities) to arrest corrupt people from my province if someone wants so,” he said.

Wants probe into Metro, Nandipur projects
He appreciated all the candidates who contested local bodies elections against the ruling parties’ candidates both in Punjab and Sindh.

He said 11 PTI workers were killed in Punjab and cases were lodged against all the party candidates in Umer Kot (Sindh) during the local government elections, claiming that not even a single FIR was lodged against any PTI opponent in KP.

He criticised both Sindh and Punjab chief ministers, saying they were keeping all the powers with them and not ready to transfer these to people. He said the people in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, wanted presence of Rangers but PPP and MQM were opposing them.

He said if the PTI candidate Jahangir Tareen succeeded in checking rigging, he would definitely win.

He said the Sharifs’ entire politics revolved around the strategy of buying people, including journalists, politicians and judges.

Published in Dawn, December 16th, 2015