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Thread: One killed, 80 wounded in attack on Bangladesh shrine

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    One killed, 80 wounded in attack on Bangladesh shrine

    One killed, 80 wounded in attack on Bangladesh shrine

    Injured people are seen in an emergency unit in Dhaka medical college hospital after a small a small bomb exploded outside Bangladesh capital’s main Shia religious site in Dhaka on October 24, 2015. -AFP

    DHAKA: At least one person was killed and nearly 80 wounded Saturday in a bomb attack on the main shrine in the Bangladeshi capital as thousands gathered for the annual Ashura procession, police said.

    Police said it was believed to be first time Bangladesh’s tiny Shia Muslim community has been targeted and came just weeks after an Italian aid worker and a Japanese farmer were shot dead in attacks claimed by the Islamic State group.

    Officers said a 14-year-old boy died on the spot after three small bombs were thrown at the complex of the Hossaini Dalan at about 2:00 am Saturday (2000 GMT Friday).

    “There were some 20,000 people in and outside the building at that time. They were preparing to hold the annual Muharram mourning procession when the three (bombs) were exploded,” deputy commissioner of Dhaka Police Mofiz Uddin Ahmed told AFP.

    In Bangladesh, television showed live footage of the chaos in the aftermath of the blasts with people, many holding flags, fleeing and ambulances taking the injured to hospital.

    Local police chief Azizul Haq said at least one person was killed and around 80 injured in the attack, which took place on the premises of the 17th century religious site.

    “We’ve recovered two unexploded bombs. These are like explosive devices and almost like grenades and fitted with batteries,” Haq told AFP, adding one person had been detained.

    Police inspector Mozammel Hoque told AFP that most of the injured were hit by bomb splinters but no-one was in critical condition.

    “Some 50 were brought to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital. A 14-year-old boy was brought in dead. He died due to the explosion,” he said.

    No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, police said. –AFP
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    Re: One killed, 80 wounded in attack on Bangladesh shrine

    RIP was predicted.

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