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Thread: Five things to do with meat this Eid

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    Five things to do with meat this Eid

    Five things to do with meat this Eid

    September 25, 2015

    Meat and meetings go together on Eidul Azha. As we host and attend hearty suppers, deciding what to put on the table can be a real challenge. While you never want to part with the ‘Kaleji’, ‘Biryani’, ‘karhai’ and the barbecues; there are some flavors out there that would be a folly to resist.

    Following are a few delicious ideas for some meaty dinners. Don’t forget to share!

    Tamil Nadu style Mutton liver fry

    There are many delightful mutton liver recipes out there, here’s another delicious one to add to your culinary repertoire. Sharp, Spicy and peppery, this liver fry is a perfect companion to boiled or steamed rice.

    Moroccan style Mint and cumin spiced Mutton Chops

    Tender, juicy and flavorful, these chops can be served with roast potatoes, or even crusty bread or crisp ‘naans’.

    Turkish Köfte

    Enriched with flavours of the Middle East, these köfte are served with a wonderful Syrian style red pepper spread as well as a vibrant yogurt sauce. Just make sure you have some pita bread or ‘naans’ ready.

    Korean style grilled beef

    Suffused with flavours of smoked sesame oil, ginger, garlic and soy sauce and of course chilli, the beef is hot, rich and delicious. This can be had on its own with a dipping sauce, with rice, or wrapped in lettuce or pita bread.

    Chinese style slow cooked beef curry

    If you want to take a break from Nihari, here’s an excellent alternative. Since we are a country that loves Chinese flavours, here’s another one to try. Serve with rice.
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    Re: Five things to do with meat this Eid

    I think I have eaten a whole lamb this EID!!!!! I think I will look forward to some daal!!!!

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    Re: Five things to do with meat this Eid

    Great ideas hear

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