Dubbed as ‘Guam Killer’ Missile, China for the first time will Publicly display its latest DF-26

intermediate-range ballistic missile at Military parade to be held on September 3rd, commemorating the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in China, DF-26C IRBM nicknamed ‘Guam Killer’ due to its ability to reach a major US base in Guam in the western Pacific has been under development for last 5 years.

Beijing-based Sina Military Network recently claimed that People’s Liberation Army’s DF-26 missile is unmatched in the world, IRBM with reported range of 3,500 km will replace older DF-4 missiles which are main weapon system of the PLA’s Second Artillery Corps that entered service in the 1980s, has a range of 4,000 km and later improved to 4,750 km.

DF-26, a two-stage solid fuel rocket IRBM, measures 14 meters long with a diameter of 1.4 m and a launch weight of 20 tons. It can carry a nuclear or conventional warhead that weighs 1,200-1,800 kilograms and has an estimated maximum range of more than 5,000 km.

Sina Military Network also believes that only India’s Agni-V with reported range of 5000 km is only other missile system in the world which is comparable to latest Chinese missile system even though Chinese experts themselves believe that Agni-V can hit targets over 8000 km with a lighter payload,making it much better missile system then DF-26.

however, Sina Military Network also claim that DF-26 is vastly superior to the Agni-V because it can carry heavier warheads and can be fired with greater precision, which will be contested by Indian Defence Analyst who always have claimed that Agni-V is actually superior to latest Chinese offering since Agni-V itself will have a MIRVed variant in canister sized configuration in near future and uses latest in Anti-ABM Systems to penetrate highly defended areas.