I'm beginning to look around for a wedding dress.

I've had my eye on this FAU allure couture bridal gown for over a year now.

It costs a little over $3000. I can very well afford it, but realistically, I don't want to fork

out $3k for a dress I might only be wearing for about 4-8 hours, and then never again.

Additionally, I'd prefer to use the extra money either on the wedding itself or for a down

payment on a home w/my fiance.

I was recently looking for cheaper gowns when I came across the same dress on a website for

preowned wedding dresses. There are several previous brides selling the same dress (which only

came out last year) for about 50-55% off the original price.

Have any of you ladies ever purchased a pre-owned wedding dress? Or do you know of anyone who


What are your experiences?

Or are you against the idea entirely? If so, why?

I'm on the fence, so I thought I'd get some opinions