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Thread: Breakfast culture ; The world

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    Breakfast culture ; The world

    Breakfast is a culture , like a moral value apart from other dishes and meals . It somehow reflects the tongue taste of a region , and the cultural items.

    Thats why i make such a thread, people from different countries, from differents may share the pictures of the breakfast . Surely i am aware of the people who has no acces to food , but what we can do is praying and helping as much as our heart and economical condition allows.

    I begin with turkey since i am familiar with here

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    A default turkish breakfast , the cheese is the vital one the the is irreplaceble , as different from europeans almost all turks begin to day with tea ( goes on with tea ) it is freshly brewed dark tea poured from 2 holds to adjust how dark tea is.
    Chese kinds differ from region to region , while western sides are more going light cheese , blacksea people likes the yellowish , same as for eastern.
    The vegetables usually appears in summer time, the olives are the favourites . Other additions also includes jams, tomato paste sauces and honey (also tahin-pekmez ) . This was a brief for simple breakfast ,lets go to the regional ones.

    here is a breakfast from van, the food varies with sweet additions , and local dishes to van (east);

    Here is from aegean , greens and pastries begin to appear . Should note than tomato paste even used to cover on bread slices and eat, or by dipping bread pieces into olive oil mixed with thyme . Cheese and sweet foods are simpler than eastern.

    One more from blacksea, now it becomes different ;
    Vegie appetitizers prepared with local plants from blacksea , a special cheese/butter legend " kuymak" , butter and corn flour bread takes the scene

    With regional details

    the central anatolia , kaymak (milk butter ) is the special for breakfast usually consumed with honey . Its just beside the typical breakfast still. Also there would be a great sucuk , fermented meat ( similar to pepperoni but pepperoni is like plant beside it ) .

    As you move to kayseri ,pastırma inside scrambled egg will welcome you , and in gaziantep a sweet dough layer made with pistachios ( aunt of baklava ) will say hello . In edirne you may see rakı waving at you just run away

    Bon appetite, afiyet olsun.

    Waiting from other countries
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    Re: Breakfast culture ; The world

    I guess this is a traditional breakfast in Pakistan. Too many calories!!!
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    Re: Breakfast culture ; The world

    [MENTION=9412]isoo[/MENTION] during the week I just have fruit. Weekends my breakfast is egg based
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