On Monday 6 July I will post the first (in what I hope will be a series) of articles looking at various science controvosies. Scientist regularly disagree with their own kind over explanations of phenomena. It often starts with a few scientists disagreeing with the mainstream interpretation and often develops into two major camps, 'slugging it out'. However the victor is ususally the camp that can produce the evidence/measurements that can clinch it for one side of the controvosy. This is how change/paradigm shift takes place in science.

Monday's controvosy will look at the Steady State Theory v Big Bang Theory of the universe and its creation and development. The prevalent theory was once the Steady State Theory. So the article I post will look into how and why disagreements occured and eventually why the Big Bang Theory won the day.

In the future I hope to cover the controvosy about human evolution, specifically with respect to the 'Multi-regional' v 'Out of Africa' models of human evolution. The date for this post will be announced when I have prepared the material.