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Thread: I'm back in business, connected to the digital world!

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    I'm back in business, connected to the digital world!

    Just to let you know know I'm once more connected to the internet.

    There will be the remaining SCIENCE EDUCATION POST on Monday 15th June

    After Monday's posting, there will no longer be a weekly science education post as most of the basic key ideas in the Physics/Chemistry/Biology have been covered. Instead there will be occasional science education posts on various science themes. These might involve past science controvosies, biographies of famous scientists, examining the flaws in some of the pseudoscience that pervades our world etc. Advance notice of these posts will be given in the Announcements section of the forum.

    In addition to the above, I will continue to post findings of latest scientific research.

    So, now back to biznis!

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    Re: I'm back in business, connected to the digital world!


    Welcome back bro, missed you here!

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