BBC documentary Men of Rock 3 : The Big Freeze

The idea of ice ages is nowadays never questioned. But once upon a time it was.

This documentary tells the story of Louis Agassiz, who first proposed that the earth had experienced an ice age. The video will look at some of the lines of evidence that led Agassiz to his conclusions.

The idea of a global ice age is fairly stunning when one thinks about it. Once the ice-sheets over the northern hemisphere was more than a mile thick! And some of the landescapes that we are familiar with and love, were shaped by glaciation. It accounts for giant boulders which geologically appear to be out of place, many of our lakes, large and small and the smooth slabs of rock ground and shaped by sheets of ice. If you want to learn more, you'll have to read this coming Friday's SCIENCE EDUCATION post, on 27 February 2015.