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Thread: One another angle of Relationships

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    Smile One another angle of Relationships

    Once, an elderly amigo told me that relationships are healthy for you as they reduce the stresses and enhance the happiness of small things in your life. I didnít realize that until even I entered in to a relationship and stayed for little. I didnít realize it even after that. But something was different. The first thing which I realized about the difference in oneís social behavior is that one is more carefree about the stuff around him. More careless about the wrongdoings and least interested in otherís businesses. Although, this behavior couldnít be observed in all people around me but at least that was what I experienced.

    It is difficult to analyze the goods of a relationship until you are in it. But the desire to have a commitment and the urge to prolong it despite all miseries gives us a clear answer that bachelor life is much more miserable than the life of a committed one. But once you get out of it, only after that you can realize what you are going to miss now. Definitely your partner has always a shoulder for you to cry on. It is the one, no matter what; autumn or winter; you can count on. It will be the first one with whom youíll share the good news Ė whether your promotion or salary raise or your annuity Ė making you feel the full joy of the moment.

    It surely makes you complete. It obviously doesnít solve the problems and hardships of life. But it surely gives you courage to fight with them, teach you to learn how to deal with them with patience and forbearance. It is just like your favorite car which is only a car for you until the time you have it. Once it is gone, you realize suddenly how important that was in your life and your life is just nothing without it and, not to forget, no other car can fulfill the gap of the one you had.

    The only cruel thing of the relationship is that we just donít realize the importance of it in our life until we are in it.
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    Re: One another angle of Relationships

    A very complex topic to say the least. Of course one has to have the right partner. Then there are so many variables. I agree being in a good relationship is probably a good thing but better not be in one then in one with the wrong person

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