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Thread: Science education: Basics of evolution (30 january 2015)

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    Science education: Basics of evolution (30 january 2015)

    The SCIENCE EDUCATION post this Friday, 30 January 2015 will be explaining the key idea of evolution.

    The post will deal with:

    • Defining evolution
    • How evolution brings about changes in a species
    • How evolution brings about diversification of species (i.e. speciation)
    • The concept of ' biological fitness' and natural selection
    • The concept of adaptation
    • The differences between convergent and divergent evolution
    • The different lines of evidence supporting the concept of evolution
    • The concept of transitional species (e.g. missing links)
    • Our current understanding of the evolution of humans

    As always, a variety of suitable video clips and images will be used to exemplify the ideas dealt with in the post.
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    Re: Science education: Basics of evolution (30 january 2015)

    Very interesting subject, will love to read about it!

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