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Thread: Women 'banned' from library at top Indian university

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    Women 'banned' from library at top Indian university

    NEW DELHI: An academic at one of India's oldest universities said Tuesday women were banned from its main library, as a minister joined the chorus of outrage against the institution for denying access over fears of “distracting” male students.

    Shadab Bano, assistant professor at the Women's College of the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), told AFP her students were shut out of the library with a steady variety of excuses.

    “We have been fighting for this for a long time. Every time we raise a demand, the authorities either give an evasive response or come up with strange reasons for not letting the girls inside,” she said.

    “Earlier they used to say that the road to the library is not safe for girls and now this,” she added.

    Meanwhile India's education minister Smriti Irani voiced anger after a report in The Times of India newspaper pinned the blame on the attitude of the university's Vice-Chancellor Zameer Uddin Shah.

    Shah allegedly said there would be “four times more boys” in the library if women were permitted.

    “As a woman such reports don't just hurt you but make you angry as well, “Irani told reporters.

    “I have asked the higher education secretary for more details and clarification from the university. Such reports from an educational institution are insulting to our daughters,” she added.

    The university's decision was met with widespread condemnation.

    “And by your silly logic Mr Vice-Chancellor, the Aligarh Muslim University should restrict the entry of girls in classrooms also,” said Yogendra Yadav, a leading politician, in a Twitter post.

    A university spokesman said that the vice-chancellor's remarks had been “misinterpreted. “

    “He merely said that considering present infrastructure of the university, also allowing female students may lead to overcrowding of students inside the library,” Rahat Abrar, spokesman said.

    “It will be allowed once it is feasible...the Women's college already has a nice library and the female students can use that,” he added.

    AMU, in north India's Uttar Pradesh state, has its roots in western-inspired schools established in the region more than 150 years back.

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    Re: Women 'banned' from library at top Indian university


    I've been following this matter on NDTV news and discussion panels. I watched one debate where two men sat trying to justify but the women arguing against the ruling about library access. I also watched some very angry and eloquent young undergraduates air their views about their university's practices. It spoke volumes.

    It is plain and simple sexism. (Note also the reference to mixing of the sexes - a common enough Muslim obsession.) If the library isn't big enough, limit the number of males using it and give access to the women. If you believe in strict sex segregation, say so openly and try implementing it in the face of any opposition met. On principle, I cannot accept that women should be denied access to a university resource simply because they are women. It doesn't matter whether the women undergraduates have their own library. If there is no strict sex segregation, all libraries should be accessible to men and women. This is after all a government financed university.
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    Re: Women 'banned' from library at top Indian university

    We need to move away from such prejudices

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    Re: Women 'banned' from library at top Indian university

    Outrageous. This kind of action once again puts the sub continent into the backward days........or have we never left those days.

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    Re: Women 'banned' from library at top Indian university

    the people are making the country sick and pushing it backward
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    Re: Women 'banned' from library at top Indian university

    Quote Originally Posted by Goku View Post
    the people are making the country sick and pushing it backward
    The authorities must stop this behaviour.

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