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Thread: Turkey signs USD3.5 billion helicopter deal with Sikorsky

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    Turkey signs USD3.5 billion helicopter deal with Sikorsky

    On 21 February Turkey signed a long awaited USD3.5 billion deal with Sikorsky for the production of 109 T-70 Blackhawk multipurpose helicopters under licence in Turkey.

    Turkey first selected the T-70, a Turkish variant of the S-70i Blackhawk in 2007, with the contract taking seven years to negotiate and sign due to protracted talks over price and local workshare/licensed production.

    Under the agreement, Sikorsky will also co-operate with Turkey on marketing the helicopter abroad.

    Turkey already operates the Blackhawk helicopter, with 20 of the new T-70 helicopters destined for the Turkish Army; six for the Air Force; 11 for the Special Forces Command; 30 for the Gendarmerie; two to the Golbasi Electronics Command (GES), affiliated to the Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MIT); 20 to the Security General Directorate; with the remainder going to the Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry. Deliveries of the helicopters are expected to run 10 years.

    The twin-engined T-70 will weigh around 10 tonnes, be capable of carrying 18 personnel, and fitted with equipment similar to the latest version of the Blackhawk for the US military, the UH-60M.

    Turkish Aersopace Industries (TAI) is the main contractor in the project, and will build the rotor blades, cabin and a Turkish designed cockpit under licence at their facility in Ankara. Meanwhile Turkish Engine Industries (TEI) will build T700-TEI-701D engines for the aircraft under licence from General Electric, with Alp Aviation (a joint venture between Sikorsky and Alpata Group) producing the helicopters transmission systems and other components, including landing gear. Aselsan will supply advanced electronic systems for the T-70s under a deal with TAI worth USD491.5 million.

    Speaking to IHS Janes local defence industry sources stated workshare will accordingly be split: TAI, 39%; Sikorsky, 33%; Aselsan, 17%; TEI, 8%; and Alp Aviation, 3%.

    Meanwhile, western defence industry sources in Ankara told IHS Janes they felt the deal would not work in favour of Sikorksy. "It is a skinny deal for Sikorsky that means that the US company will make very little profit. If negotiations on a project last for more than 2.5 years, as has been the case in Sikorsky deal, it would not work in favour of the seller but in favour of the buyer. The more you are on the table the more you have to give," he claimed. However, the deal may prevent Sikorsky parent-company United Technologies from looking to divest the firm, he added.

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    Re: Turkey signs USD3.5 billion helicopter deal with Sikorsky

    Wonder how much Erdogan is getting?

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