This is a great show on the wildlife in Arabia. must watch program:

Wild Arabia

About Wild Arabia

In this ground-breaking special we reveal the stunning diversity of Arabia's wildlife — from desert foxes and magnificent oryx… to deadly scorpions and some of the rarest humpback whales on earth. And in never-before-seen footage, we catch a glimpse of the rare Arabian leopard — captured in the wild in HD for the very first time.

In Arabia, the fate of both animals and humans is inextricably linked. Amid sand dunes and seemingly endless horizons, nomads and a vast array of desert creatures roam…. all with one common goal: surviving in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. With breathtaking imagery, Wild Arabia captures the beating heart of this land — and reveals the surprising connections between some of the world's most incredible wildlife and the remarkable people who have made this region their home.