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Thread: Egypt Military Coup - Morsi Elected government overthrown

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    Re: Egypt Military Coup - Morsi Elected government overthrown

    Quote Originally Posted by Hariz View Post
    The irony the result is the elected morsi in jail whilst dictators get reprieve
    and now I foresee more violence and potential blood spilled in the next few days.

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    Re: Egypt Military Coup - Morsi Elected government overthrown

    Egypt Court condemns 188 to death for police killings

    CAIRO: An Egyptian court on Tuesday condemned 188 people to death for a deadly attack on police after security forces dispersed sit-ins by supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, a judicial source said.

    The accused, of whom 143 are behind bars, were found guilty of taking part in an August 14, 2013 attack on a police station in Kerdassa, a village on the outskirts of Cairo, killing 13 policemen.

    The attack took place on the same day that security forces violently dismantled two massive pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo in an operation that cost at least 700 lives.

    The death sentences, under Egyptian law, are subject to approval by the mufti, the country’s highest Muslim religious authority. The verdict is to be confirmed or commuted on January 24.

    Since the army deposed Morsi in July 2013, at least 1,400 of his supporters have been killed in a crackdown on pro-Morsi protests and hundreds sentenced to death in swift trials.

    The UN rights office said on Tuesday that Egypt must rein in its security forces and investigate human rights abuses against protesters.

    The United Nations said it was deeply concerned by “the seriously damaging lack of accountability for human rights violations committed by security forces in the context of demonstrations”.

    Published in Dawn December 3rd , 2014

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    Re: Egypt Military Coup - Morsi Elected government overthrown

    So Mubarak is found not guilty and these people are guilty? Egypt seem to have got it so wrong.

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    Re: Egypt Military Coup - Morsi Elected government overthrown

    Egypt investigates 'fake tape of Morsi detention plan'

    Egypt's prosecutor general's office is investigating what it describes as a "fabricated" recording of top officials discussing the detention of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

    The audio recording is alleged to be of security officials debating illegal means to prevent the possible collapse of the case against Mr Morsi.

    It was broadcast on an Islamist-linked TV channel and has not been verified.

    Mr Morsi's arrest in 2013 was followed by a crackdown on his supporters.

    His Muslim Brotherhood party was banned, hundreds of its activists have been killed and hundreds more are in jail.

    The government of Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, a former military chief who succeeded Mr Morsi as president, has been accused of violating human rights and pursuing authoritarian tactics.

    The recording purports to date to the period soon after Mr Morsi was overthrown in July last year, when he was in detention.

    On the recording, a man alleged to be a legal adviser to the Defence Ministry warns that the case against Mr Morsi could collapse if his defence lawyers challenge his detention at a military facility.

    Senior officials in the recording allegedly discuss re-classifying the facility retroactively as a civilian one, in order to thwart any challenge by his lawyers.

    The recording was broadcast on Thursday and sparked uproar on social networks.

    However, its authenticity has not been independently confirmed.

    In a statement on Friday, Egypt's prosecutor general's office accused the Muslim Brotherhood of fabricating the recording "using advanced technology" with the aim of "causing disruption and destabilising society".

    The prosecutor warned that such acts would be "punishable by law".

    Mr Morsi was not seen in public for several months after he was forced from office amid street protests in July 2013.

    He appeared next in November, to face trial along with other Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

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    Re: Egypt Military Coup - Morsi Elected government overthrown

    I get the feeling that there has been a huge conspiracy against Morsi and his government in Egypt. Where this came from, I'm not sure.
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    Re: Egypt Military Coup - Morsi Elected government overthrown

    Eleven killed during Egypt revolution anniversary protests

    At least 11 people have been killed as Egypt marks the fourth anniversary of the revolution that toppled North African country’s long-time dictator, Hosni Mubarak, Press TV reports.

    Egypt’s Health Ministry official, Khaled el-Khateeb, announced on Sunday that two protesters were killed when scuffles broke out between security forces and a group of demonstrators in northern district of Matareya of the capital, Cairo, on Sunday.

    The development came as police has sealed off and armored vehicles are stationed around Cairo's iconic Tahrir (Liberation) Square – the epicenter of the January 2011 revolution against Mubarak, in anticipation of anti-government protests.

    According to reports, three protesters were killed in the Egyptian capital city of cario, while the rest have been killed during rallies elsewhere in the country.

    The deaths come a day after a 34-year-old female demonstrator, identified as Shaima al-Sabbagh died of birdshot wounds in clashes with police during a protest in Cairo’s central Talaat Harb Square.

    Egypt uprising

    The 2011 revolution, which began on January 25, led to the overthrow of Mubarak. In an election after Mubarak’s ouster, Muslim Brotherhood-backed Mohamed Morsi was elected president.

    Morsi was later ousted in a military coup led by former military chief and current President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in July 2013.

    Egypt clampdown

    The Egyptian government has been cracking down on any opposition since Morsi was ousted, and Sisi has been accused of leading the suppression of Morsi supporters, as hundreds of them have been killed in clashes with Egyptian security forces over the past year.

    Rights groups say the army’s crackdown on the supporters of Morsi has led to the deaths of over 1,400 people and the arrest of 22,000 others, including some 200 people who have been sentenced to death in mass trials.

    The UN Human Rights Council has repeatedly expressed concern over the Egyptian security forces’ heavy-handed crackdown and the killing of anti-government protesters.

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    Egypt court confirms death sentence for Brotherhood chief, 11 others

    CAIRO: An Egyptian court sentenced Mohamed Badie, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and 13 other senior members of the group to death for inciting chaos and violence, and gave a life term to a US-Egyptian citizen for ties to the Brotherhood.

    The men were among thousands of people detained after freely elected president Mohamed Morsi was toppled in 2013 by the military under Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who is now president.

    Sisi describes the Brotherhood as a major security threat. The group says it is committed to peaceful activism and had nothing to do with militant violence in Egypt since Morsi's fall following mass protests against his rule.

    Egypt's mass trials of Brotherhood members and people accused of links to the group, as well as its tough crackdown on Islamist and liberal opposition alike, have drawn international criticism of its judicial system and human rights record.

    The sentences, pronounced at a televised court session on Saturday, can be appealed before Egypt's highest civilian court in a process that could take years to reach a final verdict.

    US-Egyptian citizen Mohamed Soltan was sentenced to life in jail for supporting the veteran movement and transmitting false news. He is the son of Brotherhood preacher Salah Soltan, who was among those sentenced to death.

    Mohamed Abdel-Mawgod, one of the defence lawyers, condemned the verdicts.

    “The court did not differentiate between the defendants and put them all in the same basket,” he told reporters at the courthouse.

    None of the defendants were present during the hearing.

    Badie is the Brotherhood's General Guide and has already been sentenced to several death and life sentences. His deputy Khairat El-Shater was given a life sentence on Saturday.


    Rights groups say Egypt, where a popular uprising toppled veteran autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011 and started years of political turmoil, is now cracking down on all dissent. Sisi says stability is needed to revive the shattered economy.

    Rights advocates have criticised a US decision to end a freeze on military aid to Cairo, saying Washington is putting human rights on the backburner. The United States has said the decision to end the freeze was in the interest of national security.

    Mohamed Soltan, 27, arrested in August 2013, had been on hunger strike while in prison.

    “He deserves the punishment because of the money and instructions from the Brotherhood which were found with him, and for spreading chaos and horror in society,” presiding Judge Mohamed Nagi Shehata told reporters.

    Sara Mohamed, a relative of the Soltan family, said they would appeal the verdict.

    “It was a farce trial of the first class...None of the defendants attended the session,” she told Reuters by phone.

    A website calling for Mohamed Soltan's release says he was not a member of the Brotherhood, describing him as a US-educated peace activist who was involved in youth events and charities. The website shows pictures of him lying emaciated on a stretcher while in detention.

    Saturday's case was known in local media as “The Rabaa Operations Room” trial. This is in reference to a sit-in at Rabaa square in 2013 in which hundreds of people protesting at the overthrow of Morsi were killed when security forces tried to clear the area by force.

    Cairo has defended its actions, saying it had given protesters the opportunity to leave peacefully and that armed elements within the Brotherhood initiated the violence.

    Saturday's session sentenced 51 people. Those who were not sentenced to death were given a life sentence. The long list of charges included leading and funding an outlawed group, overturning the constitution and planning to spread chaos, a court source said.


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    Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison over killing of protesters

    CAIRO: An Egyptian criminal court on Tuesday sentenced ousted president Mohamed Morsi to 20 years in prison over the killing of protesters in 2012, the first verdict to be issued against the country's first democratically elected leader.

    The verdict involves a case in which Morsi and 14 other defendants, seven of whom are on the run, are charged with the killing of three protesters and torturing several more during clashes in front of the presidential palace on Dec 5, 2012.

    The protesters were demonstrating against a Morsi decree that put him above judicial review when they clashed with his supporters.

    Defence lawyers say there is no proof Morsi incited the clashes, and that most of those killed were Brotherhood members.

    The Cairo Criminal Court issued the verdict as Morsi and other defendants in the case ─ mostly Muslim Brotherhood leaders ─ stood in a soundproof glass cage inside a makeshift courtroom at Egypt's national police academy.

    The case stems from violence outside the presidential palace in Dec 2012. Morsi's supporters attacked opposition protesters, sparking clashes that killed at least 10 people.

    Judge Ahmed Youssef dropped murder charges and said the sentence was linked to the “show of force” and unlawful detention associated with the case.

    In addition to Morsi, 12 Brotherhood leaders and supporters, including Mohammed el-Beltagy and Essam el-Erian, also were sentenced to 20 years in prison.

    Morsi and the rest of the defendants raised the four-finger sign symbolising the sit-in at the Rabaah al-Adawiya mosque, where hundreds were killed when security forces violently dispersed the sprawling sit-in by Morsi's supporters on Aug 14, 2013.

    Read more: Egypt army confirms it is holding Morsi: AFP

    Morsi faces several other trials along with thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members following the military overthrowing him in 2013.

    Morsi was ousted following demonstrations by millions of people calling on him to leave office.

    His regime was toppled by the then army chief — and now president — Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on July 3, 2013 after mass street protests against his year-long rule.

    The new authorities then launched a sweeping crackdown on his supporters in which more than 1,400 people were killed and thousands jailed.

    Read more: Egypt sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death

    Hundreds have been sentenced to death after speedy mass trials which the United Nations called “unprecedented in recent history”.

    The authorities have also targeted secular and liberal activists who spearheaded the 2011 uprising against long-time autocrat Hosni Mubarak, Morsi’s predecessor.

    He is now held at a high security prison near the Mediterranean city of Alexandria. His incarceration there followed four months of detention at an undisclosed location.

    In past sessions, Morsi and most of the defendants turned their backs to the court when Youssef played several video recordings of the clashes outside the palace in 2012.

    Morsi faces the death penalty in two trials, including one in which he is accused of spying for foreign powers, and escaping from prison during the 2011 anti-Mubarak revolt. Separate verdicts in these two cases are due on May 16.

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