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Thread: @ajtr --- just give us a break

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    @ajtr --- just give us a break

    [MENTION=882]ajtr[/MENTION] said

    @KRAIT btw i 'm not done with rajput thing.i'll come pack to post all those rajput karnamay on pdf soon.

    Are you sick?? Atleast we are of your genearalisations.

    If you want to bring it on, than come but come as an anonymous brahmin islam converted user rather than a woman(to cry after).

    I am a rajput as well. Have heard and seen many many rajputs dying for women pride. WTH is wrong with you that you stereotype religion/nation and caste based upon solicit incidents?

    I have been on forums for last 6-7 years and have never find anyone who malign things by generalisation, curse them and still holds high moral grounds.

    You are the one who use Lord Ram to show male chauvinism and curse men but failed to use the example of Kekayi and Manthra to stereotype women.

    Stop it.
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    Re: @ajtr --- just give us a break

    Look guys - there are good and bad everywhere. To generalize is wrong, whichever religion and background and dont we know it!!?
    [MENTION=126]PoKeMon[/MENTION] - Point made. Lets move on and not start a me v you again.
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