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Thread: Video: 'Code Pink' Protest's Drone Strikes in Pakistan

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    Video: 'Code Pink' Protest's Drone Strikes in Pakistan

    • ISLAMABAD — A group of American anti-war activists are in Pakistan to join a march into the country's tribal belt to protest U.S. drone strikes in the rugged northwest territory. Their presence has energized organizers behind the protest but also added to concerns that Islamist militants will target the weekend event. The two-day march — in reality a long convoy — is to be led by Imran Khan, the former cricket star-turned-politician who has become a top critic of the American drone strikes in Pakistan. It is to start Saturday in Islamabad and end in a town in South Waziristan, a tribal region that has been a major focus of drone strikes as well as the scene of a Pakistani army offensive against militants. The American activists — around three dozen representatives of the U.S.-based activist group CODEPINK — along with Clive Stafford Smith, founder of the London-based legal advocacy organization Reprieve, want to march with Khan and publicize the plight of communities affected by the U.S. drones. Ahead of the march, local media carried reports Friday of alleged suicide bombings planned against the demonstration and a pamphlet distributed in a town along the march route warned participants they would face danger. The main Pakistani Taliban faction issued a statement criticizing the event. The foreign activists, meanwhile, met with relatives of people said to have been killed in drone attacks. The group also marched in the capital's Jinnah Supermarket, chanting "Stop, stop drone attacks!" and singing "We are marching to Waziristan." Ahsanullah Ahsan, the spokesman for the main Pakistani Taliban faction, issued a statement Friday calling Khan, the ex-cricket star, a "slave of the West" and saying that the militants "don't need any sympathy" from such "a secular and liberal person." Ahsan refused to reveal anything about the militants' plans regarding the march, but added: "Imran Khan's so-called Peace March is not in sympathy for drone-hit Muslims. Instead, it's an attempt by him to increase his political stature." The local newspapers carried short items referring to an Interior Ministry warning that several suicide bombers planned to attack the march. Separately, pamphlets signed by a group calling itself the Army of the Caliphate were distributed in Tank, a town just outside South Waziristan. The fliers criticized Khan as an "agent of America, Israel and Jews."

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    Re: Video: 'Code Pink' Protest's Drone Strikes in Pakistan

    Bilal Sahab, it's a logical fact, You do not remove cancer from your body. Doctors do it for you because they have right tools to do it and knows how to use them accurately. While during the surgery, your body messed up but you are saved from the death.

    Now apply analogy to drone strikes. Pakistan can not eliminate those white jihadis and arabs who will attack western countries can't they can not afford another operation in North Waziristan and already there are several reports of PA artillery or Aerial bombardment killing civilians. So either We take out the cancer or others will take out for you bcause it would effect them in future.

    Civilians are bound to get killed either by PA or either by Drones. It's the rule of any conflict. You can not avoid collateral damage.

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