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Thread: Taking the Mask off PDF (Not

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    re: Taking the Mask off PDF (Not

    Dear Pakistan Affairs members,

    After some intense discussions over the weekend, and taking into account the advice offered by several old acquaintances on the internet ( @Muse @Irfan Baloch @VCheng) the Pakistan Affairs management has decided to close this and any related discussion because it is becoming counterproductive for the site and individuals involved.

    We have been spending far too much time addressing and justifying the various concerns we have regarding PDF management instead of focusing on commentary and analysis related to the many, many pressing issues being faced by Pakistan currently, and therefore neglecting the content and development of Pakistan Affairs. This is not to suggest that our concerns have been addressed (they have not), but that we simply do not think there is any additional information we can provide in support of our concerns and that we can do better by focusing our energies on continuing to create awareness about Pakistan, its religious, social, cultural and geo-political issues, especially as we head into a period of great uncertainty, change and opportunity with the coming 2013 National Elections.

    As Pakistanis and well-wishers of Pakistan it is the obligation and responsibility of Pakistan Affairs, PDF and any other Pakistan platform to set aside personal differences and focus on creating awareness about the choices and challenges our nation faces in the coming months. We do not have to collaborate, cooperate, communicate or even like each other, and we can continue to harbor concerns about the actions of the other, but we can at least focus the attention of our respective audiences on the issues faced by Pakistan and the region and encourage and stimulate the very necessary societal discourse that is a part of the process of bringing about change.

    Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.
    @LoveIcon @JonAsad @RazPaK @Ticker @ajtr @Rashid @safriz @Android @Abu Zolfiqar @Raptrorx707 @Aryan_B @Superkaif @bilalhaider
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